Reviewer's Guide

All selected reviewers must adhere and follow the guidelines formed by IJISER Editorial Board.

  • Associate Editor (AE) will send the manuscript to selected reviewers based on the reviewer's area of interest. Guest reviewers will be selected based on the relevance of manuscript's application. Reviewers should reply within 10 days to confirm their acceptance for reviewing the manuscript. In some cases, AE itself will act as one reviewer.

  • Reviewers should critically review the allocated manuscript in a given duration of time frame (10 days).

  • Reviewers are required to perform full double-blind international peer review process to ensure the quality review. The review process is double-blinded; that is, the reviewer does not know who the manuscript author(s) is and the author(s) does not know who has reviewed the manuscript.

  • The entire review feedbacks must be written in English using the review form.

  • Reviewers must emphasize the parts of submitted manuscripts that need modifications from authors.

  • Reviewers do not require to verify grammar, spelling and presentation, eventhough comments are always welcome. If any part is not understandable, then please comment on that part.

  • All comments are confidential, reviewers name will not be revealed to the authors and other 2 referees. The review form contains a space for confidential comments to the Editors.

  • If reviewers find any manuscript appropriate for publishing, but the presentation and English is not standard enough to publish then negative remarks should be given to enhance the quality of manuscripts.

  • Editorial board has every right to ignore any suggested changes by reviewers and their verdict should not be ruled out by reviewer.

  • Reviewer suggesting either major revision or resubmission needs to provide accurately what the authors require to modify in their manuscript. When the manuscript is resubmitted it will be evaluated by AE based on the review comments, if AE found any difficulty then the same reviewer will evaluate the manuscript again.

  • IJISER looking for qualified researchers as members of the editorial board. IJISER will provide as a great source of information for researchers, industrial experts and students. We encourage interested candidates to join in our editorial board by sending their complete information to